Navigator Pro LED cap


No more putting a penlight or flashlight in your mouth while you try and locate something in the navigation station or in a dark cabin. White and red built in LED lights are easy to turn on and off and provide and amazing amount of light.

(2) 3 mm white ultra-bright LEDs concealed under the brim for focused task lighting – 24 lumens, 13 meters light field, wide dispersion for close task work (2) 3 mm red ultra-bright LEDs for focused task lighting while maintaining night vision – 12 lumens, 13 meters light field (2) 5 mm white ultra-bright LEDs mounted in edge of brim for distance lighting Seperate on/off switches and battery packs for white and red lighting circuits (4) Lithium CR-2032 coin cell batteries housed in sweat band for the white LEDs (2) Lithium CR-2032 coin cell batteries housed in the opposite side sweatband for the Red LEDs 6 panel, low profile design 2-piece Velcro closure Sandwich brim 68 hours of intermittent battery lifeThe Best Cap For: Red Light for Maintaining Night Vision in the Dark Wear Under A Headset; There’s No Top Button! Hands Free Cabin Lighting

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