Kore Dry Loose Fit Long Sleeve Shirts


KoreDry fabric is a revolutionary technological advancement for outdoor sports. This material when immersed in water will remain dry at the fiber’s core enabling the garment to continue insulating and while out of the water, dry incredibly quickly.

We make KoreDry garments with 100% Polyester. Since it has minimal stretch and doesn’t absorb water, it won’t get as baggy as a t-shirt, making it the ideal water sport shirt.

The KoreDry U.V. tested at UPF 50+ (equal to SPF 150+!) factor both wet and dry giving it a rating you can depend on to protect your skin against the damaging rays of the sun when in or out of the water. The KoreDry series incorporates the new Satin Seam technology into its shirts. The Satin Seam thread consists of micro-filament textured yarns that create an unmatched buttery soft feel.

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